Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm at the payphone?

Heya people! Been loooooooong since I posted.. So here goes..
*Ps I haven't been able to keep up with remembering my gifts, yeah blehh its taking too much mental space D:..*

Anyway, my gift for today, would be giving some sweets to people, and a lil. piece of bread :P :D

So.. Random updates bout life now.. Hmm.. Where to begin..

So.. Exams ended and a couple of us went to watch Avengers.. THAT SHOW HAS TO BE RATED A COMEDY MAN. NOT an action movie.. That green-indestructible-big-buff-guy is just cool man XD *Spoiler* Poor Loki XD I sooooo wanna go watch again :X

Yeah exams ended.. Been gaming a lot.. Maybe too much.. Dota 2 is so much easier than normal Dota man.. lol. Playin the guitar more too.. Practising and such :P Yeah.. Oh btw, Pentatonix rocks~! 

Haha but good times always have to end.. Script checking today, didn't go quite well.. Haha.. Skip  below if you dont wanna get eyesore..

It's freaking stupid when the subjects you study for turn out to be so much worst than those you didn't study for.. And so much for coming out of the exam hall feeling good initially, feeling that I did a good job, and everything just doesn't turn out my way. Dumb mistakes here and there, some I really dont know how ta do.. Add together? A screwed result. Damn man. So much for studying, thinking that you did well. Screw man. And there are those that after the exam go like 'wtf I screwed the paper', and when you ask them for their result, it ends up almost 2x to yours.. Oh well.. Sad life of those that aren't that talented in numbers.. *Shrug*

That's why, I really wonder if I'm in the right school.. People here don't seem to bother that much about sports and games, just studies (imo). Sometimes I wonder if this effort spent in mugging would actually benefit, I mean most of us just forgets it after the exams no? It's retarded. Spending nights before just to prepare, only to forget them, and dump em in the thrash, and centuries later teachers expect you to remember them. I just hate the rigidity of this stupid education man. 

One more thing. They said practice makes perfect, Well I practiced the tutorials,, And what came in the exam is 10x harder than than the tutorials.. So what's the point of doing tutorials, when we aren't given the proper practice...? Then again this is a very shallow point of view, and can be easily countered (like me being lazy?) but still with that aside, what's the point? Sigh... Then again I'm probably emo and trying to find something to blame lol.

And there is this stupid part of me that is idk how to put it.. Getting restless? Well I guess I'm still growing.. Slowly trying to understand the cruel world of adults? Oh well.. When we were young, we cant wait to grow old, and when we grow old, we wished we were young.. Irony..

Well sorry if I made you squint :P Haha.. Been blasting payphone covers for the whole of writing this post :P Well thats why the title XD yeah.. Well life ain't that bad... Yet. Tomorrow's gonna be a better day.. Hopefully..

Till next time~

Monday, April 16, 2012

Days #16-29

Heya folks!
This is getting hard to keep up with.. Oh well here goes..

Day #16
Brought back dinner for bro... Hope it's considered lol...

Day #17
LOL I realised my wednesday's have something to do with helping Ms Lin LOL. Today was helping her take down the box of lamps for the practical.. As she said 'What's wrong with being vertically challenged?!' LOL oh well~ XD

Day #18
Waited for Bronson for to finish his chem assignment.. And helped him a bit? lol. Partially me fault he started doing so late.. Sorry.. :X

Day #19
Help with paying in the popular bookstore, and convincing my mum to get a pilot G2 green pen for my bro :P (LOL he has a tendency to lose stuff, and G2s are expensive according to my mum :P)

Day #20
THE EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING~! I guess providing my personal thoughts and attempting to bring the Year 3s to discuss properly is considered one... (More on this later..)

Day #21
Omnomnom.. Helping out with dinner XD lol not the food, but the plates, utensils, scooping rice and all..

Day #22
Haha came back rather late today.. Table Tennis as usual.. (Sigh.. More later too..) Well nodded and greeted me neighbour XD

Day #23
Hmm.. Offering bronson some of my chicken rice.. At 4pm after Supporters' meeting

Day #24
Helping Debbie with her Math? Lol.. Well I didn't exactly solve it.. But at least I offered to help :D

Day #25
Woah table tennis competition today.. Disappointed with my juniors... ): Oh well.. Saw some impressive players.. So pro :X Haha offered compliments to the guy I supported in one match.. Really imbah guy.. OH well...

Day #26
Speech Day.. Helped around with small stuff here and there.. Well though it was my job anyway.. But I'm involved in helping the thing run smoothly.. So yeah :D

Day #27
Help bro make Ribenna (Or whatever the spelling is.. But yeah you get the point :X)

Day #28
Hmm.. Made myself go and run.. Well that counts as a gift to myself I hope :P

Day #29
Poor uncle's trishaw carrying his goods ran into the grass.. Helped him push it out? Haha what a thing to end the cycle XD

Haha there you have it! 29 days of giving.. It's possible! XD Haha so proud of myself now XD Especially after today's events ah well :)

Hmm.. So life for me now is quite okay.. Grades are slowly improving imo.. Getting a grasp of the events going on now.. *Maybe cause of the tests that already passed :P*
Chem isn't that bad now.. :D
Napfa went quite well... 9.4 for shuttle run XD Beat that man~! >:D

Been thinking a lot about council lately.. How to improve myself and all.. Haha.. Guess I need to work on my initiation and confidence.. Really hope my Year 3 - Year 1 thing can work out..

Table Tennis.. Sigh.. How to improve it? I really don't know.. The discipline is like crap, everything is just bah. They don't have any drive.. Like coming in just for the attendance.. It's damn crappy for a sports team. Juniors placing table tennis as 2nd choice and say they didn't want to join table tennis? I mean shouldn't you think about your choice before submitting the form and giving us so much problems? Sianz.

Oh well. Wonder if I can retrieve my council application form from last year.. Wanna take a look at how much my thoughts have changed.. lol.

That's it folks~!
New cycle starting tomorrow XD

Monday, April 2, 2012

Term 2 Week 2.. #Days 8-15

Heya People! 
Haven't really updated this blog in a while.. So anyway here goes :P

Day #8
Gave myself a break from school.. Was feeling damn sick ): Flu + Usual Stomachache + Sinus = Craziness ): Oh well.. *Shrug*

Day #9
Dad was going out... Passed him the rubbish for him to throw before he could even open his mouth~ XD

Day #10
Ahhh Bio teacher released us early and gave Jacelyn another waffle lol :P
*lol this took me quite a while to remember :X*

Day #11
Offered Ching Ting a method to memorise some math trigonometry stuff lol.
*remember when we were year 2? Those annoying trigo ratios that we needa memorise? ):*

Day #12
2.4 napfa run today ): 11:55... Lol expected something faster.. Oh well.. Retest! lol.
Anyway, offered water.. Help take water bottle.. Nothing much but oh well...

Day #13
Open house! :D Quite an experience...
Well... I guess helping out in this open house as a tour guide counts as one.. Answering questions, chionging for duty... Ah well~ XD

Day #14
Nothing much happened today.. ): But well.. At least I answered TZ's question on the lesson swop.. Hope it counts.. lol.

Day #15
Tired today... The rain and all lol. Anyway, helped Wilson hand up his assignment... Oh well.

Anyway.. Life this few days is weird.. I'm not looking forward to the next day.. Nothing to look forward to.. Just random lessons that I don't really like ): Even table-tennis is getting slightly siann-ish with so many... Mehh nvm.

Screwing up some of my work too... Chem is going down the drain.. Don't know how to apply physics.. Bio is just Bio... Just memorizing.. Guess the best I'm doing at is like, my languages/humanities? :O *Funny that I'm in a math and science school lol.

Got the feeling to sing a lot these few days.. Usually happens when I'm sian.. Blehh. Oh well~

Seeya people!

Sometimes I wonder why I do some stuff... Why did I join this school? Why did I join council? Or become an overall captain? Why am I studying? What do I wanna do with my life in the future? Haha... Stuff happens when you have nothing to think about and you start having 2nd thoughts... lol. Maybe it's because of that. Oh well... Shall take it as it comes.. Been doing since square one.. Hasn't failed me... Yet.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day #3-4 Cross Country!

Heya people!

Couldn't really find much time to post lately lol. Anyway here goes...

Day 3 21/3/12

LOL poor Ms Lin had to carry her laptop, our worksheets and her stuff to another class cause our projector doesn't like our class, and so I gave her a hand lol XD

Day 4 22/3/12

Ever felt the pain of finding a stapler? XD Borrowed my stapler to Ching Ting before you opened his mouth lalala~ XD

Day 5 23/3/12

Saw Jacelyn gesturing to Soo Young for water at X-country, but there wasn't any left, so borrowed her mine lol.

Day 6 24/3/12

Lol kinda like a joke for this day XD Ate 'zhu chao' and left without paying XP, volunteered to chiong back and pay for my mum lolololol.

Day 7 25/3/12

Ran outta milk, so helped my lil. brother make *lol is it 'make' milo? idk :X* a cup of milo haha XD

Anyway, X-country was on Friday... Went better than I expected haha XD It didn't feel like 4.8 :O It feels way shorter, and everyone improved on their timings by like, 5 mins? The trail is rigged I think :O Had some problems with my diaphragm muscle during the run !@#$ lol. But oh well.

Forest trail was damn fun XD Uneven ground, squishy mud and all >:D But dang the stretch of road is like tormenting you, it's like never ending :O Fun XD

My class went on to watch THG, but nahh leave me out.. Too many extra peeps going.. Never liked the big crowd lol, just very hard to socialise IMO.

Projects all due this week... Hopefully I survive this week haha XD TABLE TENNIS TOMORROW~~!  Ah well XD

Seeya folks!

Sometimes I wish you would let me manage my own time, and not comment on what I do. I wanna settle my own breaks, when I do my work etc. Cause unlike you, I can't sit still and finish my work. And I know what suits me and what does not, so really, I would really appreciate if you would understand and go with what I feel is best for me. Ain't the first time hmm?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#Day 2

Heya people!

Day 2
Gave MJ the corner in the morning in the MRT to let him rest a little

Sighh I dont get our school holidays structure, when we need the rest in March and September holidays, we aren't given the rest. And they give us more rest in the June and December holidays when we don't need them as bad ==
How wonderful some people's mind works eh X.x

X-country this Friday, mixed feelings about it so guess I'll take it as it comes haha. Freaking tired this days, must be training too hard? Lol.

Projects piling up, school work getting chim, gonna drown in this pile of !@#$% soon...

Addicted to the Sing Off~ Awesome vocalists omg, spamming quite a bit of Pentatonix too haha XD

Amazing how the human mind wanders off into lalaland, and you get all lost in the land and you feel so drained, you don't know what hit you. Sighh.

Seeya folks!

#1 29 gifts challenge

Give one thing away each day for 29 days. Share your stories about how it impacts your life to focus on giving
-29 gifts movement

Day #1 19/3
Gave Jacelyn a kaya waffle to omnom on XD

Heya people! Been long since I touched this blog, so it's time to blow off the dust and start anew XD

If you were wondering what my title for this post is about, well I'm starting this 29 gifts challenge, that is to give 29 gifts in 29 days, once per day continuously. Kudos to Hansel for lending me the book and introducing it to me haha XD

So part of this challenge, was to record it down to mark each day and stuff, so yeap you guessed it, I'm using this blog too XD

Btw, if you are interested in this challenge, do leave a tag, cause the community would want to welcome you XD

Seeya folks~

P.S lol meant to post this yesterday, but oh well was too tired :X

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thought this blog is dead? Nah ah gonna revive it now XD

Sup people :P

Life this few days are quite unstable... There are happy ones, there are sad ones... Yeap... Sports day came and past... Haha... Was quite fun that day... Sadly people in Faraday weren't high at all DX No life de DX Sighh... Ah well... Though the last part, singing FRIDAY and IT'S MY LIFE --> Awesomeness :P

Lol I'm singing quite alot recently... Maybe I'm trying to cover up my sorrowness? Haha I have no idea lol XD Haha it's fun to sing without anyone listening haha...

Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls
Every time that you lose it sing it for the world
Sing it from the heart
Sing it till you're nuts
Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts 

Sing by My Chemical Romance

Great song XD Haha.... Guess thats all for now people...

Shall try not to let this bloggo die lolol :P Cya~